AAS inspection reports have been recognized as the industry standard since 1999.


Asset Appraisal Services leverages our robust network of staff inspectors
who are carefully vetted for their working and mechanical knowledge in the truck
and heavy equipment industries.


Asset Appraisal Services provides inspections in all 50 U.S. states and Canada.

All 50 US States & Canada


Our proprietary and easy to use platform allows our customers
to quickly customize and share their reports online as needed.


Not all inspection reports are born from the same need. Asset Appraisal Services
specializes in customizing reports to match our customers' process. We provide the
flexibility necessary to allow our time tested process to match your business process
and needs. Our standard inspection types include:


Asset Appraisal Services has highly trained inspectors who can
perform inspections on a wide array of asset types, including:

And More